10:1 Flow Cream Topical (CBD)

25mg 250mg Mixed

10:1 Flow Cream CBD Topical | By Fairwinds

FLOW Cream’s complex formula consists of 7 primary components: an optimized blend of cannabis oil, essential oils, cannabis terpenes, herbal extracts, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and Fairwinds’ exclusive Canna Vera base. This 7-point system ensures that everything a premium topical should do, FLOW does better. Applies and absorbs quickly with a refreshing, non-overpowering aroma, while supporting skin structure and moisture with fortified ceramides & hyaluronic acid (naturally-occurring in the skin). FLOW delivers the active ingredients where you need them and provides the deep, long-lasting relief that you seek. FLOW: Relief. Redefined.


Power of the Full Plant
A long time ago, there was confusion surrounding the identity of the aloe plant; many people sold a misidentified species of aloe that did not provide the same benefits. Eventually, traders began to refer to the correct species as Aloe Vera, otherwise known as “True Aloe”. Fairwinds’ own Canna Vera extract is similar in that it carries the true identity and full effects of the cannabis plant. Additionally, both Aloe Vera and Canna Vera are composed of unique polysaccharides that deliver powerful effects in the body. Polysaccharides are used by the body as immune signaling molecules, which can have dramatic effects on the skin and deep tissues. Canna Vera is a creamy, Shea butter-like substance containing the wax and lipid-like constituents isolated from the cannabis oil, combined with our polysaccharide-rich Cannabis Juice Extract (acquired from the roots, flower, stem, and leaves). The added benefits from Canna Vera are significant, delivering a noticeable sensation & the true character of cannabis.





Fairwinds was established in 2014 with the commitment to introduce highly-engineered nutraceutical cannabis wellness products to the Washington recreational market. Using advanced, world-class cannabis cultivation and processing technologies alongside unique eastern medicine philosophies and formulations, the company aspired to redefine the way society approaches health and wellness. Since its origins, Fairwinds has consistently pushed for higher standards in cultivation and processing to provide the most effective and safe product for its customers.

Sharing passions for healthy living, nutrition and natural medicine, founders James and Wendy Hull ventured into the Cannabis space with great excitement and passion for the support they knew they could provide to countless people. Enlisting a board of world-class formulators and medical advisors, Fairwinds products are designed by starting with traditional theory and ancient holistic concepts. The Fairwinds team is able to provide nutraceutical wellness products that stretch beyond the benefits that cannabis alone can provide. The company then saw it fit to enlist an industry-leading team of MD’s for product review and consultation to ensure each formula provided safe and effective results for a broad range of patients.

As this evolving market began to move even further towards a recreational focus, founders James and Wendy saw the lapse in care for the medical patients who had fought so hard for legal access to cannabis. Driven by a passion to help others and the market’s need for a quality medical cannabis provider, Fairwinds chose to pave the way for clean and effective, patient-worthy products. Since then, the company has helped hundreds of thousands of patients and customers throughout the PNW while also working to increase consumer education and further research on this incredible plant. Our Mission: To provide the world’s most integrative and solution-based cannabis nutraceuticals, using the highest quality ingredients  and most sustainable production practices. Our Vision: To empower the health and wellness of society by integrating the world’s most effective cannabis and herbal remedies into daily life..

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