G.M.O. “Garlic Cookies” (I) 1g / 7g

28.9% 0% GMO "Garlic Cookies"

Hybrid Flower | By VP Cannabis

Budeez Strain Review: GMO aka Garlic Cookies 

Crosses:(Chemdog x Girl Scout Cookies)

Taste and smell: A sweet and earthy flavor with a super pungent peppery and herbal aroma  

Experience: This strain is celebrated for its’ ability to relieve pain without putting you to sleep. Users report feeling a very relaxed, uplifted, dream-like, focused state with moderate munchie cravings.


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Where they’re from: Bremerton, WA
Why we love ’em: hydroponic small batch craft cannabis cured to perfection. Hang dried, hand-trimmed, old-school methods and strict quality control.

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