GMO “Garlic Cookies” (I) 1g / 3.5g

30.9% 0% GMO "Garlic Cookies"

Indica Flower | By Exotikz

Budeez Strain Review: GMO aka Garlic Cookies 

Crosses:(Chemdog x Girl Scout Cookies)

Taste and smell: A sweet and earthy flavor with a super pungent peppery and herbal aroma  

Experience: This strain is celebrated for its’ ability to relieve pain without putting you to sleep. Users report feeling a very relaxed, uplifted, dream-like, focused state with moderate munchie cravings.   


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Where they’re from: Seattle, WA
Why we love ’em: Powerhouse duo Berner from Cookies Brand Family and Ivan from Jungle Boyz teamed up to release this hard-hitting cannabis line featuring flavorful, dank a$$ weed sure to knock your socks off.

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