Lemon Cheese Quake (S) 1g

26.7% 0% Lemon Cheese Quake

Sativa Flower | by Rogue Raven Farms

Budeez Strain Review: Lemon Cheese Quake

Taste and smell: Tastes like a cheesy, sweet pastry and exudes a pungent, sweet-and-sour aroma

Experience: A high THC sativa flower that is known to be have a  euphoric, relaxing and socially stimulating high. Perfect choice for pain relief and appetite stimulation.  


Rogue Raven Farms

Where they’re from: Shelton, WA

Why we love ’em: you can buy their award-winning cold-cured flower in bulk or in an assortment of fine cannabis products from hand-rolled 1g Fatty joints (rolled in RAW hemp cones) to quality concentrates.

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