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Lemon Og (I) 4g

19% 0% Lemon Og

Indica Flower | By Top Shelf

Budeez Strain Review: Lemon OG aka Lemon OG Kush 

Crosses: (Las Vegas Lemon Skunk x The OG Kush)

Taste and smell: A mild, sweet taste with skunky aroma and citrus fruity undertones  

Experience: This strain is known to be have quick hitting sleepy-head effects and is great for stress relief and increasing appetite. 


We are a Washington I-502 Tier 3 producer-processor, located in the heart of Arlington, about 45 minutes North of Seattle. We produce premium cannabis and concentrates, keeping quality and consistency in the hearts of our team members 100% of the time. We take pride in the care of our garden, our team, and our I-502 retailers. Bringing high-quality cannabis products to the market at a reasonable price is our goal.

Top Shelf was founded in 2012 by TJ Werth after listening to a news article about medical marijuana. Our vision is to help promote growth in the cannabis industry through responsibility and education. TJ is active in several political organizations and speaks in Olympia frequently. Our mission is to help promote an open and free market where consumers can benefit from healthy competition and innovation. Our core values are quality, value, and exceptional service. Our flower is hand cultivated, hand trimmed, and hand packaged. We ensure freshness and purity with every lot of flower or concentrates by testing all our products through a third-party lab.

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