Royal Kush (I) 1g

25.4% 0% Royal Kush

Indica Flower | By Falcanna

Budeez Strain Review: Royal Kush 

Crosses: (Afghani x Skunk #1)

Taste and smell: Citrus taste with earthy and skunky aromas

Experience: A significantly potent strain not recommended for beginners, it tends to start with a head high and move to full body usually leaving users euphorically relaxed, thoughtful and hungry. A great strain for sleep aid, nausea and pain relief. 



Where they’re from: Port Angeles, WA
Why we love ’em: very PNW in their style. 100% biodegradable packaging, organic soil and all natural growing methods, plus you get awesome strain stickers! Cool fact: they also breed falcons!

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